What’s Stopping Your Business From Generating More Sales?

If you’re like most distribution businesses, your company grew fast in the first few years. Then it gets stuck — either because you’re losing sales or you’re generating more sales.

You have more people in your team, more clients on your list, and yet your company can’t continue to move forward.

Are you ready to transform how your business operates?

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B2B Ordering App

Automate, Analyse and Accelerate your multi-brand distribution

business with India’s leading B2B Order Management software.


Your sales by providing a self-ordering system for B2B customers, so they can purchase your products 24/7 and pay instantly!


Your business performance and supercharge business and revenue growth with detailed performance analysis.


sales and profits by streamlining your business operation and creating a perfectly connected system inside your business.

Works on any device. Get started in minutes
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Profitley – How it helps you in increasing profit?

Profitley is the most effective application designed and built for all the needs of the distribution industry. The digitalization of your sales network helps you analyse your business, remove inefficiencies, and improve profit. Below are the features to steer and grow your business.

Improves your sales team’s efficiency and performance

Everything that a salesperson needs to know while in front of the retailer will be available to him on the app. No dependency to check critical data such as retailers outstanding, stock availability, retailers previous order bookings and last order date, shipments from the back office. With data in hand, he will be able to work more efficiently.

Speeds up your order-to-cash cycle and superior retailer experience

Profitley makes it easy for salespersons and retailers to place and send orders directly to the back-office system and helps in speeding the orders-to-cash cycle. The less paperwork and manual steps means the less headache for salespersons and the better the retailer experience.

Business Insights for growing your business

Same application for all stakeholders means a single data source and this helps in better analysis of your business. Everyone logs in with a specific role that is relevant to his job. Retailers can order on their own. Once retailers start ordering via app it means reduced sales efforts therefore the reduced cost of operations to you.

• You generate bigger sales with the same sales team.
• Sales team doesn’t need to travel to retailers, which means savings on operations cost. 
• Retailers data is structured so it gives analysis and better visibility for growing business.

Improved Cash Flow and Sales

Auto reminders help you in sending reminders such as payment due, new arrivals, new schemes and discounts etc. Consistent follow up on payments improves your cash flow and pushing products, pricing and promotions helps you garner more sales.

Manage Orders In One Place, Not All Over The Place

Instead of dealing with multiple spreadsheets, 100s of Tally logs, and messy paperwork, Proftiley lets you easily manage your orders on one platform. Everything is organized in one place, so your team can save time and be more productive. Feels good, right?

Accept B2B Orders In A Simple, B2C Way!

Stop losing on sales opportunities simply because of the limited time that your sales team had. With Profitley, you can create a self-ordering system. This system lets customers make an order as easily as ordering from Amazon. Not only it can help you generate more sales, but it can save you money on the operational cost involved in having fee-on-street for orders. How cool is that?

Analyze Performance, Make Improvement, Accelerate Growth.

Profitley helps you analyze your business performance, so you can always stay on top of things. This system allows key leaders and decision-makers in your company to easily create or test a plan, while stay focused on areas that need to be improved. You’ll get detailed analysis and performance reports on top products, customer cohorts, revenue summaries, fill ratio, and so much more!

Why we are the best

Grow your brand, not your workload, say goodbye to costly developers
and hello to our easy and flexible SaaS app platform.

Fast & affordable

Premium experience

Effortless upkeep

Build One Perfectly Connected System

Multi-channel Communications

Build a seamless communication system that lets everyone—distributors, retailers, sales representatives—stay connected.

Automated Notifications & Reminders

You’ll never have to constantly contact retailers about their order and payment status. Profitley will do the job for you… PLUS, it can also help you send out marketing promotions to your retailers.

Bring Your Sales Reps On The Same Page

Profitley gives your sales reps up-to-date information on everything—product stock, potential customer cohorts, order status—so they’ll always be on the same page and not having to call you just to ask about the availability of an item.

Trusted by hundreds of businesses to
grow their sales!
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Features for B2B

Profitley is the most effective application designed and built for all the needs of the distribution industry. The digitalization of your sales network helps you analyse your business, remove inefficiencies, and improve profit. Below are the features to steer and grow your business.

Retailers Management

Manage your retailer network with an onboarding process to authenticate ordering by approved retailers. Assign retailers to your salesperson. Manage sales performance.

Sales Team Management

Manage your sales team with an onboarding process. Assign retailers.

Targets and Achievements

Set targets for sales persons on order amount, line items and so. This will be auto tracked in real time as they book orders. Similarly, purchase target can be set for buyers as well to monitor estimated versus actual purchases by them.

Field-Visit Management / Beat Plan

Seller can plan visits of individual sales person. Along with seller can also approve or cancel the visits created by sales person.

Product Management

Manage your product catalogue with easy imports. Set categories and subcategories, product descriptions, images and variants, Bulk price updates will help in managing the pricing on the fly in bulk.

Product Discount and Promotions

Set global, category-specific, product-specific discounts. Use discounts coupons for promotions. Set product promotion banners for retailer facing app.

Product Review and Rating

Buyer can rate and provide comments on individual product.

Pricing Management

Set specific prices, retailer and/or group specific pricing, Recommended retail prices.

Product Tagging

Tag products in locally given names/ keywords. Search result will show if the product is searched with that name/ keyword .

Order Value Discount

Set discount percentage on order value for a specific retailer or retailer group.

Special Discount

Sales person can give special discount before checkout or confirm order. This discount is manual discount provided on discretion.

Order Management

Manage and process retailer orders. Auto notifications on order status. Retailer’s credit period tracking.

Inventory Management

Check Stock Availability. Set a minimum order quantity. Sell loose functionality.

Notification Templates

Customise content of notifications to be sent to buyers

Roles & Permissions

Manage roles and permissions.

Integrations and Tools

• Easily Import & export data in various file formats, including .XLSX.
• Tally ERP integration (on demand, separate pricing)
• Custom integrations (on demand, custom pricing)

Dashboard for Businessman, Sales Manager and Salesperson

Focus on performance by using intuitive sales dashboard showing target versus performance, receivables and collection, top products, retailers and salespersons.


In depth analytics in the form of reports like sales report, billing, zero billing retailers, invoice, ledger, top products, categories, brands, pending sales order, target VS achievement, visits reports, sales by buyers, by sales person, by product categories

Features for B2C

Profitley for retailers is specifically designed to accomplish special order booking needs of your retailers. Today, retailers are demanding a digital ordering experience that is as easy, fast and reliable as just a phone call for an order. Profitley ordering app is so intuitive and easy that your retailers will be placing their first orders within minutes without having to take help of your salesperson. The features set is long and here the major ones:

Browser-Based and Mobile-Friendly

Supports all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

Application Security

Application accessibility to authorized retailers only. Retailer’s login process for authentication and application use.

Product Promotion

Product promotion banners, discounts.

Product Search

• Basic Search
• Advanced Search
• Voice Search
• Auto Suggest search


• Retailer-specific product pricing
• Retailer-specific product discounts
• Retailer-group specific discounts
• Product suggestions based on retailer’s history

Ordering and Management

Quick Orders. Full and Partial reorders. Multiple delivery addresses and shipping costs. Order status notifications, emails and WhatsApp (on demand). Rule based order cancellation and return requests.

Dashboard and Day Summary

Orders and Order Shipment Status. Ledger, Invoices. Accounts Payable. Top products ordered (By Category/ Quantity / Value)

Frequently Ordered Items

List of products that are frequently ordered by the retailer.

Fast Moving Products

List of products that are fast moving by his distributor during a given period.

Favorite Products

Mark product as favorite to order quickly and easily

All Time Best Selling Products

List of products which are best sellers

My Ledger

Check up-to-date and all DR/CR transactions in distributor’s ledger

My Invoices

View all invoices. They can be downloaded from the application

My Orders

Quickly access list of all the orders placed by you


Order notifications in app, on email and whatsapp

Your Data Is Safe & Private

Our top priority is to keeping your data safe and private like it’s our own. We use multiple safety features like data encryption, authentication, role-based accessibility, and audit logs.

Easy Integration With Tally Import/Export Files In Seconds

Profitley is designed to work together with Tally ERP Application, and lets you get an integrated view of information. In addition, it also lets you import and export any of your data in various file formats.

Trusted By 100s Of B2B Sellers From Any Size

Our clients range from a small team of 3 people to a
company of 100+ people.

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Partnerships, Certifications and Accolades


The list of most popular questions by our clients, we decided to make a list for easing things at all ends.

Application works on all kinds of electronic devices like- Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets. It is browser-based and Mobile Friendly. Sales teams can access Profitley anytime, anywhere, on any device and perform their job digitally in an efficient, transparent, and trackable fashion.

No. This is a closed loop application for the B2B sellers or distributors. Only B2B sellers or distributors need to sign up once & then they can add their sales team and buyers. There is an approval process for the B2B seller or distributor to authorize the use of the application by sales representatives and B2B Buyers or Retailers. Once authorized by him then only they will be able login and use the application.

Please write to us on info@profitley.com for pricing.

That’s an easy one! We personalise Profitley with your brand so that your customer sees your logo when they open the application. There is never any doubt as to who you are, reminding them to place that order, or check that price, or answer a technical question posed by one of their customers and save them ringing you in the middle of the night!

Get to see Profitley B2B Mobile App glowing in your company colours by simply getting in touch – now!

Profitley enables your sales representatives to take orders from your B2B buyers or retailers digitally while they are visiting them or even on the go. Sales Representatives can place orders on behalf of the B2B buyers that they are responsible for. Similarly, buyers can also browse and place orders. It is a functionally rich app to help you track daily sales activities, monitor sales performance, update latest product, price, and schemes, send automated alerts during order processing to buyers and automated reminders for payment. Sales automation helps to improve order-to-cash cycle.

Yes certainly. Profitley brings a transparent platform and ease of doing B2B business. It serves as a binding network of all stakeholders involved in the B2B sales process by accommodating all the required functionalities at one platform to be accessed according to the role of the stakeholder, allowing them to transact freely and get real-time updates.

You need to sign up only once & then you can access Profitley Account from Web and Mobile both.

Manual sales orders, unclear WhatApp messages or phone orders are the main pain points of B2B sellers or distributors. Profitley helps to automate the sales channel, order taking and brings in a streamlined order processing. Streamlined processes help you in speedy execution. Take this smart move to focus on improving your profit.

Profitley application is hosted on Cloud. Your business data is also stored on the cloud and is highly secured.

Profitley works as your own app. It is branded with your logo and colors so that while enabling sales automation, you retain your business identity and trust of your B2B Buyers. It also is a single integrated platform with cross functionality for you, your sales team and your B2B Buyers. This makes it easy to adopt. It is also mobile first and allows you access from web and mobile both.

Our application is encrypted and secured with frequent data backups to prevent any security breach and information loss.

No. there is no setup or hidden transaction fee.

Choose A Smarter Way To Run Your Business…

Choose Profitley, the simple, all-in-one tool that lets you automate your sales, analyze
your performance and accelerate growth by improving every area of your business.

Are you ready to transform how your business operates?
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