Leverage technology to manage and analyse your B2B business.

Productive, Practical, Painless – these are the 3 P’s behind Profitley. Profitley is a sales automation solution that is highly practical and easy to adopt because it is explicitly designed for B2B sellers. Whether you are a single or multi-brand distributor or wholesaler, Profitley helps you streamline the processes, improve efficiency, minimize tedious work, remove erroneous possibilities, and create a cohesive communication channel experience both internally and externally. We understand your needs to reduce paperwork, minimize payment defaults, grow and expand, all while communicating your business strongly in the market. By allowing Profitley software to take charge of these jobs, this is exactly what you do: Grow!

Profitley is a simple and intuitive subscription-based service hosted on cloud to jumpstart your digitization initiative. It is a single application that binds all stakeholders – B2B Seller or distributor, their Sales Representatives and B2B buyer or  Retailers. It empowers your retailers to place orders via your digital Product Catalog just like they buy consumer products online.

Speaking of the myriad of features that Proftley offers, it extends Sales Automation with Order Management System, Inventory Management, Dashboards and Performance Tracking. It is a single data source laced with auto-reminders and integrated with your backend accounting, billing or ERP application. 

Imagine the amount of less paperwork, time and cost-savings with Profitley! Let’s do this