Cloud B2B Order Management Application

Unsurprisingly owning a business comes with plenty of challenges, including managing orders or even fulfilling the users’ timely shipment requirements.

Customers have various needs, and fulfilling them is what makes you a genuinely successful B2B owner. This is where an Order Management application comes in handy. B2B online ordering system facilitates a smooth workflow from the acceptance of orders until the delivery of goods.

In this article, we have covered useful information about Order management applications, why you need them, and brief information about the best B2B order management system –Profitley.

So, without further ado, let us get into the details!

What Is an Order Management Application?

Order management application helps you in order management from the starting acceptance to the final shipment process. Through the order management applications, you can manage multi channel operations and coordinate supply chain operations without hassle.

The core features include payment processing, product cataloging, customer relationship management, dispatch management, multichannel marketing, and more. It saves time for both customers and the sales team by enabling them to track their orders, shipment status, and stock availability on the go.

Why Do You Need it?

With the increasing demands of users, online and traditional businesses face severe challenges in fulfilling expectations, providing faster deliveries, increasing the marketing channels, and complex supply chains.

For a successful business, one of the crucial ways to stay competitive is by fulfilling customers’ needs by providing them hassle-free dispatching and delivery of the goods. A B2B Online ordering system helps you by shortening the delivery time and getting higher control over the process. Some of the benefits of an order management system are:

  • Offer best customer services to your clients: Order management software lets you centralize and track orders without any trouble. With the order management app, you can provide better customer services to your customers by providing real-time status updates for their orders. This way, users can anticipate the delivery of their orders.
  • Eliminate errors: Order-taking apps eliminate order processing errors with features like barcode tagging that ensure that your order is dispatched to the right client.
  • Centralized data: order management application provides centralized data from warehouses to inventory levels to fetch the right information without going through numerous spreadsheets and documents.
  • Meeting customer’s standards through customization: One of the easiest ways to evolve and attract users is by enhancing your services and experience that you are going to offer. A B2B order management system enables you to customize the order cycle’s critical stages for your customers, including sales channels, payment options, shipping, and more.
  • Increasing business profitability and getting orders out of the door: managing B2B orders are time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, an order management system allows you to automate the sales order process, including warehouse routing, order allocation, inventory and shipping updates, and more.
What is Profitley?

Profitley is a straightforward and powerful cloud B2B order management software for single and multi-brand distribution companies. Profitley steps in to take more of the manual work off your shoulders and leaves you focusing more on your business’s growth and strategies.

This B2B online ordering system enables you to get orders from B2B customers. Profitley lets the distributor’s network place orders without the need for a sales representative. The app empowers representatives to accept orders from the app and enables distributors to monitor sales with one-click.

Profitley gives you a detailed report of your entire business from the dashboard from where you can manage your whole business. Additionally, it helps you save time and effort by its robust functionality, including automated reminders for payments, tracking daily sales activities, and updating the latest price, products, offers, and more.

How Can Profitley Help Order Management?

Profitley is one of the best B2B sales automation applications that can help you in various ways. Given below are some of the powerful features of Profitley that help you overcome B2B challenges and provide an effective order management system.

Profitley Key Features

  • Sales Team Management: Through Profitley, you can manage your sales team, performance, and targets with a breeze. It provides you a detailed sales report through which you can identify weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities to align your strategies and teams.
  • Order Management: Profitley enables you to process and manage orders from the initial acceptance until delivery to the retailer by empowering retailers and sales teams on the application.
  • Pricing and Validity management: You can create groups for retailers by setting up pricing and validity. You can also include a recommended retail price guide to your retailers to set a minimum price for their end consumers.
  • Discount management: Set discounts on a global level on all category-specific deals generate discount codes, products, and more to encourage users to purchase your products. You can also track and analyze the performance of your discounts to perform better.
  • Retailers management: Easily facilitate the management of the retailer’s network with an onboarding process to accept orders from the approved retailers. You also get a detailed performance report to increase your business profitability through this sales Rep software.

It comes as no surprise that the Order management system steps up your business and boosts your sales with its functionality. From managing your sales team to managing your orders, you can achieve higher success rates and keep your customer satisfaction rate higher.

Furthermore, going with Profitley will take your business’s success to the next level with its rich features and save time and effort.

We hope you found our article helpful. Let us know in the comment section below which management system are you going with?

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